REGENERATION: Reconnect, Redefine, Recreate

We are excited to announce our theme: ‘REGENERATION’!

We went through many brainstorm sessions to arrive at this theme, and we feel that this theme resonates with every Singaporean Youth (including ourselves!). We want to advocate a new set of ideals that every youth should hold on to and change the way we behave and see things, hence REGENERATION. Here are the focal points of our theme:

RECONNECT with yourself, or with people around you. Reconnect with your beginnings to see how far you’ve gone, or with old ideas that you thought seemed a little too crazy.

REDEFINE your perspectives and views. Maybe inform the mis- or disinformed. Perhaps start with favouring ‘why’ over ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘how’. And not to leave out ‘who’ it should start with you.

RECREATE the methods of your craft. Who knows, by doing all this, it could mean a change to the culture and environment around you.

TEDxYouth@Singapore events are curated and designed to be immersive and purely experiential. We invite our attendees to come with an open mind and participate as much as possible to get the most out of our event. We encourage you to step our of your comfort zone and speak to other attendees, engage with our speakers and to be analytical.


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