Debbie Chia, Founder of Singapore Musical Cabinet

Debbie Chia has accomplished several feats in her life. And continues to do so, taking on every new challenge as a chance to gain a bigger perspective in one ever-evolving and ever-unfolding adventure.

From graduating with first-class honours writing a thesis about the Japanese anime ‘Spirited Away’ in 2004, Debbie has gone on to amass a respectable portfolio of writing work under her belt as an independent copywriter and former advertising agency partner, while simultaneously making strides in the music industry as a DJ, record label owner and events organiser.

Over the years, she has created various music entities, including the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp, Singapore’s first all-girl DJ school for five years as well as Midnight Shift, a record label and events organiser. Her latest co-project is [RE]2, which is an extension of her interests in healing frequencies as applied to different modalities from music to water.

As a DJ, Debbie has had years of residencies at KPO and Da Paolo Bistrobar. She has been contributing regular mixes to national radio Lush 99.5FM since 2005 and has been invited to play in cities such as Seattle, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Right now, she is focusing on her recently married life with her Midnight Shift partner, and music production as the next progression in what has been a promising 10-year career.

Her latest obsessions: Being an INFJ personality type, music artists Ah! Kosmos and Hieroglyphic Being, rose oil and fresh cold-pressed guava juice.

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